Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mr. Holmes (2015)

Since I have seen this movie twice now, I thought it would be best to review it. I have talked to lots of people about the movie, and most of them have never seen it/heard of it, so, here you are, this is a movie called Mr. Holmes, starring Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes, in his years of retirement, after closing his last case.  

My movie reflections are usually very disjointed and unorganized, so I have decided to, starting with this one, organize them into five categories, to cover all the bases separately and maybe a little less confusingly! I am also going to provide you with a movie trailer for each movie I review, or at least, try to! Here is the link to this one's trailer. It should also take you to the IMDb page for the movie, if you're interested! All right, here we go. 


I personally didn't see much to warn against in this category. It is a rather depressing, very sad film, and leaves the viewer with a heavy feeling, so that is one thing to keep in mind. There was no improperly used language, no inappropriate content. The little boy was rude to his mother, but Mr. Holmes tells him to go and apologize, and everything is righted in the end. Someone is attacked by wasps--we don't see the actual attack, but the results, the person (can't say who, because of spoilers) looks pretty bad and is unconscious afterwards, so if that makes you squeamish then it's pretty easy to see coming. A woman is hit by a train, but we don't actually see it. Other than that, there is a bit of Japanese sort of almost religious stuff going on. A few characters put stones in circles around themselves, each stone representing a dead person, and bow to the sky or whatever, paying homage to their lost friends, but it doesn't get too weird. It actually didn't feel too spirit-y or strange and almost felt fitting, for that particular film, which takes place right after Hiroshima. Not saying I agree with the idea behind the homage to the dead, but it didn't bother me as much as it could have in a different setting. 


Although it is a great story, it made me a little sad, because a great portion of the story focuses on *slight spoilers* Sherlock losing some of his memory. He can't remember how his last case ended, and is trying to write it down, to correct Watson's glamorized version before he dies. The film is pretty much centered on Holmes trying to remember (and eventually succeeding) to figure out what went wrong with his very last case, what caused him to stop being a detective. The movie switches back and forth between the current time, where Holmes lives in his house by the sea, taking care of his bees and writing the chronicle of his last case, while the housekeeper and her son take care of the home, and the past, the memories of his last case and such. It's a rather melancholy story, but the ending, although serious, is hopeful as well. The plot is well-woven, beautifully executed, and everything makes perfect sense. I think that a lot of it is about remembering the past, even though things have changed. It is simply a beautifully told story, and even I, the pickiest of pickers, can't find any plot holes or things that I would have wanted to be done differently. 


Even though Sir Ian McKellen is and always will be Gandalf in my opinion, he did a really fantastic job at portraying an old Sherlock Holmes. He was funny, clever, and just a very likeable character, very well portrayed. The little boy, Roger, was fun, and the boy who played him did a very good job. Of course, I don't like the way that he spoke to his mother and his attitude toward her at some times, but I am glad that they were eventually reconciled.  And his friendship with Holmes, sort of replacing Watson's helping hands, was very sweet. 

Roger's mother was a great character as well, and her actress did a great job of seeming like a very real mother, a real person. There were several other characters, mainly during the flashbacks of Holmes' last case as he chronicles it. They were sort of the usual characters that one would find in a Sherlock Holmes story: good, well portrayed, easy to sympathize with, but not the kind that you get super attached to. Don't get me wrong, they were great! But they weren't the main point of the film. I really missed Watson, though--to me, it seems that Sherlock isn't Sherlock without Watson. At the time of this film, Holmes is 92 years old, and Watson is dead, though he appears (without dialogue) in some of the flashbacks. I have always liked Watson...I guess that might just be my preference, though. 

Film Quality/Aesthetic: 

10/10. It is beautifully done, aesthetically pleasing, and the cinematography is wonderful. Also, the music is perfect, I love it so much! It's very unique, and fits the movie perfectly. 

Overall Impressions: 

When I first saw this in the theater three years ago, I immediately loved it. Now that I have re-watched it, I still love it.  Even though it is not based off of an official Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story, it is, I think, a worthy addition to the Sherlock Holmes canon. It is a sobering watch, with almost depressing realism added to some of the plot--even Sherlock Holmes can't save everyone; he can't redeem every person he solves a case about--but I think that it was beautifully done. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves Sherlock Holmes, or anyone who has heard of Sherlock Holmes, or really anyone at all.  It is a gripping story, and a very excellent film.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Liebster Award!

Hello there! It appears that I have been tagged by Miss Woodhouse for the Liebster Award! How exciting! So, without further ado, here it is! 

Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award.

Thank you so very much, Miss Woodhouse! :) 

Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you.

1.) Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

Oh, definitely an introvert. Apparently I am an INFJ...I'm not sure exactly what all that means, but that's what the thing said I was.  And even without the quiz thingy, I'm definitely more of an introvert in almost every setting.

2.) Describe your fashion sense in three words

Practical, modest, and--for formal occasions--refined! 

That's not me, by the way. 
3.) Who is your current, or most recent, celebrity crush? (Mwahahaha)

Oh boy. So, I'm sure I'm gonna have lots of people mad at me for this one (even though it is a VERY intriguing question), but I do not have a celebrity crush and I never have had one. I'm sure that I could make one up in about ten minutes if I wanted to, but there's just something about the whole idea that I'm not super--well super "in to", if you know what I mean. 

Now don't get me wrong here! There are plenty of male celebrities (actors etc) out there who I have great respect for! I respect their talents, their characters, and even their personalities off-screen--many are very good-looking, at least passably nice, and seem like interesting, fun sorts of people, but I just don't think it's worth my time to be pining away over a person that I've never met and probably will never meet, and who, even if I DID meet, well...you know.  No matter who it is or what they claim about themselves, I'm always disappointed by celebrities in the end, and it saves me a great deal of heartbreak to remain emotionally unattached, even if I do admire a person's talent and work, even if I admire the person themselves! Just because I have preferences on favorite actors/celebrities does not mean that I am smitten by them. 

I'm sorry, I didn't intend to ramble off like that!  Please don't be offended...this is just my opinion on the subject and you're totally free to have your own opinion.  :) 

4.) Do you like social media, or is it a waste of time in your opinion?

Ooooohhhhhh... I think it really depends on what you're doing with your social media! I know that I tend to waste lots of time on the internet, even though I'm not on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever-else-it-is-that-everyone's-using. I have a hard enough time keeping up with email, Blogger, and Pinterest! I do think that social media is nice in that it lets you communicate more easily with people, even if they're far away, and it can make planning events a lot easier! However, sometimes it can be a huge waste of time.  It all depends on context! 

5.) Are you a Planner, or a Pantser, (or mayber a Plantser) when it comes to writing?

I'm usually more of a pantser! For most of my stories so far, I have written down a couple of notes, maybe sketched a (horrible, terribly drawn) picture, scribbled some bullet points, and then just started right on in to the first draft! There are some times when I need to sit down and really think about what I'm writing, but usually I'm a pantser. 

6.) Do you prefer milk chocolate, or dark chocolate (And if you say you don't like chocolate, I shall think you very odd indeed)

Dark chocolate all the way!!! Oh, that stuff is so delicious! Though I like all kinds of chocolate in pretty much any way, shape, or form, dark chocolate takes the cake by far. (Takes the cake...ha ha...)

7.) If you could do anything you wanted for a career, without having to worry about money or anything like that, what would you do?


I would like to write my books...just be able to stay at home with my family, and write my stories, without having to worry about making money off of them.  I think that would be fantastic. 

8.) What's the most recent book you read and what was your opinion of it?

Well, I'll go with the most recent book that I have FINISHED reading.  I actually re-read Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan, which is the first in the series.  I remember really loving the Ranger's Apprentice series when I was maybe 13-14 years old, and so I happened to pick it up and read it again to see if I still like it. I do. It's a very fun, lighthearted read, and though it's not the greatest literature, it is extremely fun. 

9.) Do you prefer skirts/dresses, or jeans?

Well, I've never been a huge fan of jeans...I do like to wear pants/shorts, but I prefer a more athletic or more flexible material than denim. So, between jeans and skirts/dresses, I'd say skirts or a dress, but most often I wear more sport-like pants. They're very comfortable, and very practical as well. Of course everything depends on context. 

10.) Current favorite singer?

Oh wow. I listen to a lot of different music, and I like different singers for different reasons and in different music styles. I think that Billy Boyd (who has a band, by the way) has a really amazing, beautiful voice, but their band's stuff isn't my favorite. Most of it is okay, but it could be much better. I really like Steven Delopoulos right now, even though I wouldn't classify his voice as "nice" or "pretty" exactly.  He is the singer for the band Burlap to Cashmere, but has also released some solo stuff, which I recently discovered.  He is just a great musician and songwriter who adds a lot of soul to his music, which I like (plus it's all GOOD, if you know what I mean). So right now, let's go with one of the two...here are a couple samples:

11.) If you could trade places with a fictional character for a day, who would it be and why?

Why, Miss Woodhouse? Why would you ask me to make such a hard decision?? *sobs*

Well, since it's only for a day, and not for life...that makes it a little easier. I would like to see what it's like to fly. But there aren't a lot of characters that I really like who can fly, so let's think of something else.  I think I'm gonna have to say either Rey from Star Wars, just...because that would be fun to play with lightsabers and fly spaceships, but I wouldn't have to be diplomatic like Leia or Padme sort of are, or maybe Bilbo Baggins. Yeah, let's go with that. Every time I read/watch anything Middle-Earth related it makes me want to go there, to BE there. And Bilbo and I have similar skills...of cooking, reading, and sitting comfortably at home! Yes, I think I would like that very much.

Nominate 11 blogs.

If you don't want to do this, or if you've already been tagged by someone else, no pressure...but here you go!
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  7. Andrew at The Great Andrew
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  10. Lois Tinuviel at You, Me, and a Cup of Tea
  11. And (why not) I'll tag my brother: Josiah at The Eclectic Presby

Give them 11 questions to answer.
  1. Star Trek or Star Wars? (or neither...;) )
  2. If you had to lose either a hand or a foot, which would you rather? 
  3. Pick one character from absolutely anything to train you in whatever their skills are, whether physical/real or magical/imaginary. 
  4. When you're with a friend, are you more of a John Watson or Sherlock Holmes?
  5. What song(s) have provided you with the most inspiration for writing, if you write? (If not, what song(s) are the most inspiring to you in general?)
  6. What is the most difficult to pronounce name you have ever made up or have heard that was made up by someone else? 
  7. If you put your entire music playlist on shuffle, what is the first song you hear right now? 
  8. If you had to fight a battle in long-ago times, would you prefer to be armed with a sword or a bow? 
  9. When you get home from a trip, do you clean out your bags immediately or wait until tomorrow? 
  10. Are you a coffee person, a tea person, or do you prefer neither?
  11. What is your opinion on bagpipes? 
And that's it! Thank you again, Miss Woodhouse! :) So much fun! 

Just letting you know, if I don't reply to comments for a few days, it's because I'm getting my wisdom teeth extracted this afternoon and, well, I'm not sure how long it'll take for me to function like a normal human being afterwards! 

But, anyhoo, I shall return! 

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Ask Me Anything Answers! (One Year of Blogging)

So, for my first blog anniversary/birthday, I decided to have an Ask Me Anything post! I posted the announcement about two weeks ago, but here are (finally) the answers!

Thanks all for your great questions, I had so much fun with this! :D I'm going to color code the different people's questions for both your sake and mine. So, in no particular order, here we go!
*WARNING* this may be a very gif-filled post...I usually try to avoid using too many in one post, but this time...why not use 'em?

Gray's (and as you can see her questions are in gray...wink wink) Questions: 
  • What made you start blogging?
Well, to make a long story short, I was inspired by a Very Dear Friend. She introduced me to the blogging world and I was immediately interested. So, with a lot of help from her, I started this blog, mainly just for fun and for a little spot to try and arrange some of my thoughts into coherent words. 
  • Plotter or panster?
I guess it would depend on what exactly I'm writing.  Usually, I get a basic idea in my mind, and then I just sit down and start scribbling in my notebooks. (I always write a manual draft first, on actual paper, with actual ink, before I start typing.) I never use outlines. I've tried a couple times and, I don't know, they just don't really work right for me. I mean, I do PLAN things and I have a pretty good idea of what's happening throughout my stories, but I don't write many of my plans down. They're all in my head. So, I plan my plot out in my head pretty well, but the actual content of the story just pops up as I write it. I guess I'm half plotter, half panster! But I probably am more of a panster, since I hardly write my plot planning down. :D

  • Favorite Star Wars movie?
Oh boy.
I...don't know. 
I like them all for different reasons...but okay, let's think. I love the original trilogy of course, and episodes VII and VIII a great deal (and the prequels but...not as much, and, by way of confession, I haven't actually seen episode III). Then there's Rogue One and Solo to deal with. *groans* GRAY!!! I can't decide about this!!!! I don't know, I might have to say The Empire Strikes Back, just because of the iconic-ness and the nostalgic-ness. A New Hope has gotten rather boring after seeing it so many times, but episode V still has something fun about it. And I LOVE the new ones, actually I have considered episode VII as my favorite, but, ya know, I've got to stay true to the originals. And how can you beat Luke's rabbit face? (Although, the prequels are the best for memes...and the new ones are just really really fun.) 

  • How do you like your coffee (or tea)?
Coffee: sweet!! Lots of sugar, and a slight bit of cream. Or, if I'm buying it instead of making it at home, with chocolate in it and whipped cream on top. Mocha lattes are my one weakness. ;) 
Tea: depends on the kind. I like black tea with, again, lots of sugar, and some half-and-half, so tasty. So, as you can tell, this girl ain't super healthy. I like my sugar.

  • Favorite quote?
*very loud internal screaming* Ummmmmmmm....well, since Bible verses are kind of a given, I will give what is, if not my VERY most favoritest quote of all times, is certainly one of my most quoted. I actually have it up on my sidebar thingy here, close to the top! 

  • Favorite scene to write in a book?
Very depressing, sad, tragic scenes. 

No, well, I do actually like to write touching, emotional scenes, just...I don't know why. I like to try and make myself feel it, I guess. I really like to write parent-child relationships in a way that does not include anger between the two generations. And I like to write conversations too, just people chatting and interacting, trying to get everyone's unique voice and personality right in their characters. As Tolkien has said, "The trouble is that 'hobbit talk' amuses me privately...more than adventures..."  
  • Favorite type of character trope?
Hmm...I guess that I don't have a specific type of character that I like. I do like characters that are rough and maybe a little bit cold on the outside, but then once you get to know them, there's a heart of gold underneath that grumpiness. That being said, I am a sucker for tragic backstories. (SORRY! But tragic backstories are very fun in fiction, especially when you're the one writing them!) On a more pleasant note, I like characters who are fun, talkative, and just kind of silly as well. They are very fun to write, especially if they are cheerful. And they are fun to read and watch too. 

I could talk about my favorite types of characters literally all day, but of course you don't want to hear that. I guess that, to sum up, I like different types of characters in different settings. They all have a place, and they all serve their purpose. I like them all!!!! I think my very most favorite, though, are inseparable duos. You know, like Pippin and Merry, Frodo and Sam, Lightning McQueen and Mater...all the greats. Oh, and quirky characters. People who have a different way about them than most. (Anna, you need to stop, you've written two paragraphs and this is supposed to be a short answer.) Okay, I'll stop now. But maybe I should write a post about my favorite character types...;) 

Andrew's Questions: 
  • Favorite US President?

Well, this is awkward, because I don't have a favorite U.S. President...and I guess you could say that my high school history curriculum focused more on ancient Greece, Rome, and Europe than on presidents of the United States of America. I don't know, I guess I don't know quite enough about them to have a particular favorite. 
  • Preferred medieval/fantasy weapon of choice?
Swords are just downright cool. That's all there is to it. Bonus points if the sword glows blue when orcs are nearby, but of course that's just LOTR. I guess that sword is my favorite, but, thinking logically and realistically, if I had to use a medieval/fantasy weapon, I would go for a bow, since I'm a girl and most swords are pretty heavy, if you are considering historical accuracy. Bows can be a little less strenuous and more do-able, and I think I'd be better at that.
  • Are you afraid of spiders?
YES. Usually. If I know that they are there, and I'm know that I'm going to see a spider, it's not so bad. But the thing is, they almost always jump out and startle me.
  • Most stupid purchase/case of buyers regret?
Oooh, that's a hard one. I guess I usually don't have buyer's regret, because I spend so much time agonizing about my purchases before I make them that I usually have a pretty good idea of how useful/practical what I'm buying will be. Hmm, but maybe this music book that I got for like 15 dollars. It's a little book of Irish folk tunes, which I expected to be super cool, but was very disappointing. The arrangements are stupid, and it certainly did not meet up to my expectations. 

Natalie's Questions:
  • Would YOU enjoy storming a castle?
As long as I had all the right equipment: at least two companions (one of whom would be a giant), a wheelbarrow, and a holocaust cloak. :D
  • What character would you enjoy as a companion on a trip around the world?
Can dragons count as characters???? Because, if so, Toothless would be an amazing companion! Plus, he can fly, so ya know, transportation is a lot easier that way. 

  • Have you taken the Meyers Brigg personality test and if so, what "type" are you?
I haven't taken the "official" one (cause you have to pay, and who's gonna do that?), but I did take a couple "pirated" tests and got INFJ, the Advocate. Apparently this is the rarest personality type, with less than 2% of the population being INFJ. So, according to this page, I am the same personality type as J.K. Rowling, Adolf Hitler, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Prince Caspian, Galadriel, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a bunch of others that I don't recognize. Weird! I wonder how they decide what people in the past/in fiction are which types?
  • Favorite kind of music to listen to while driving?
There are a lot of different types of music I listen to, and I usually just put my library on shuffle. I like, for driving, music that is not boring. I like mellow stuff, and energetic stuff. Cheerful, and gloomy songs. But here are some things, just a very small sampling, that I have recently liked listening to: 

  • Ice cream or cake?
Ice cream all the way!!! I do like cake quite a bit, but if I had to choose, it would almost always be ice cream (or just get ice cream cake...make things easier for everyone). :D 
  • Pick one character from Lord of the Rings, one from Narnia, and one from Harry Potter to be your friends. What kind of activities would you do?
Oooh, that's a hard one! I think that (going easiest first), I would have tea with Professor McGonagall--she has always been a favorite of mine for some reason. Then I would go for a horseback ride through the Narnian woods with Lucy. I think that she would be a whole lot of fun, and we would have a great time together, since Susan would be busy doing whatever she does at the castle. Now for the hard one. GAH! I like all the Lord of the Rings characters too much! I would like to have them ALL as my friends, in fact, maybe I'll just tag along with the entire Fellowship!
Oh well, since that is against Natalie's specific "one," I'm going to say probably Pippin. I would like to go on long walks throughout Hobbiton, getting introduced to various random friends and relations, and then head back and have a meal, maybe at Bag End, if Bilbo would feed us. That would be a good time! Pippin seems like he would be a fun sort of person. Then all four of us--me, Pippin, Lucy, and Minerva McGonagall--would go on grand adventures! (Now wouldn't that be a quartet to see.)

  • BB-8 or R2-D2?
*shakes head* I'm leaving behind my traditional, true-to-the-original roots.  I gotta say BB-8. 
  • Do you like to read short stories or do you prefer normal-length books?
I usually prefer books. I feel like there's a lot more time for development (in the plot and with the characters) in books, like I have more time to "get to know" the story. But, a series of short stories with a unified theme/main characters (for example Sherlock Holmes) gives me more time. Overall though, I prefer books. 

Miss March's Questions: 
  • What do you think of having multiple blogs devoted to different topics? Do you think that would be terribly confusing, or do you think it would be a nice way of organizing things?
Oh, goodness gracious, that would be too confusing for me. I would certainly find some way to ruin everything and mix up my life. If I was a super serious blogger, who blogged as a career or whatever on a very regular basis, I could see having several blogs. But for my purposes as a "recreational blogger," it would be far too confusing. 
  • What's one of the best new movies you've watched recently?

Definitely Incredibles 2, I really enjoyed that one! It was so much fun, and stayed true to the original. Plus, it was hilarious! But, I think the most mindblowing movie I've watched recently probably doesn't count. It was the first time I had seen it, but it came out in 2014, I think. Here is the trailer. It is the movie Interstellar, and...I was completely mindblown by it. It was fantastical and just...just a little bit overwhelming. (Disclaimer: my uncle bleeped it for us, so...there is some language, but not in the trailer.) It. Was. Amazing. However, I don't think it quite counts as new. HOWEVER: watch it. These two gifs pretty much sum up my whole reaction to the movie. (Bonus because they're both from the movie.) Okay, now I'll stop pitching it. 

  • What book are you currently reading (if any)?
Well, I'm trying to make it through The Complete Sherlock Holmes. I'm close. So close. There are a lot of stories in there. But I'm nearly through it. After that, I plan to start The Nine Tailors, which is a mystery novel by Dorothy Sayers (And I'm trying to read Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens...*cough cough* which is taking a long time). 
  • What's one storyline in books or movies that you think is highly overused?
Child has ideas that contradict parents'. Child disobeys/runs away in order to follow dreams, with the disagreement of one or both parents. Child ends up being right and parents end up being stupid and realizing how wrong they were. I mean, really? Do any authors and filmmakers know how non-realistic that is? Parents are ALMOST ALWAYS right! It's just...one of my pet peeves.

  • Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather? Why?
Since I'm that one person who's always cold, I do prefer hot weather. I am less uncomfortable being too hot than too cold, and I like being able to run outside without bundling up in seventeen layers (and, since I live in Michigan, it does get cold). I prefer warmth and the ability to go outside and get out of the house. 
  • Who's one of your favorite dad characters in book or film? One of your favorite mom characters?
Oooh...that's a tricky one! I'm tempted to say Elrond as my favorite dad character, partly because of this ridiculously long post from last year. I've always liked Elrond. But, as another, more realistic character, I would have to say George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life. (Oh, and Cooper from Interstellar, but I said I'd stop pitching that.) :) 

Now, for mom characters, it's a little harder, because I find that a lot of moms in movies are really glamorized, like they're perfect and can't do anything wrong, or they're just...really obnoxious and aren't very nice to their husbands. So, for this reason, Pixar wins the trophies: Elastagirl/Helen Parr, in the Incredibles, and Merida's mother, Elinor, in Brave, are the ones that first come to my mind. Oh, no, wait. I've got it. I love Mrs. Thornton, from North and South (BBC). She might seem grim and very stern, but every time I watch the movie, I like her better. Plus she has amazing hair. 

  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
ACK! Anywhere??? Wow. The world is a super big place, and I don't know how, if someone presented me with that choice, I would decide! I'm really tempted to say New Zealand, to visit Hobbiton and see all the cool locations where LOTR, etc., was filmed. That would be truly awesome!  Either that or one of the really pretty places in Scotland or Ireland (or Iceland, even), to visit the old castles and see the beautiful countryside. Any of those would be fine. 

  • Who is your favorite female fictional character?
Now that, right there, is a tricky question. Very tricky. There are so many that I like! Lucy Pevensie, Jo March, Elizabeth Bennet...I liked Evanlyn/Cassandra from Ranger's Apprentice for a long time...Rey is great...I don't know if I can nail down one specific favorite. But I really do like the female characters in N.D. Wilson's books. He has a knack for making them both feminine and not wimpy, not taking away the male roles and strengths, but still important and great in their own ways. I really like Henrietta Willis from 100 Cupboards, I always felt like I had something in common with her! 
  • Are you more like Merry or Pippin?
Usually, I would have to say Pippin. I have this terrible tendency to not think before I speak, which...well, you know, that can be rather awkward. I also feel lost without my friends, and, while I don't usually seem social or extroverted, I don't like to be lonely. I need my family and friends with me, and I don't have to have a large friend group--just one or two people who are very close. And, um, I really like food. And I like to sing, but not in front of people. (See this post for the story of how I dropped a milk carton in the store and it exploded, which seems like a very Pippin thing to do.) 

  • What is your favorite Princess Bride quote? 
I do use that one quite often...but honestly, the whole movie is my favorite quote!!! I cannot choose!!! So I'll just go with the two (probably) most quoted lines. Is that okay?? (Oh, and Inconceivable is kind of iconic, but everyone knows that.)

Josiah's Questions: (and he's my brother so I'm allowed to be rude)

  • Would you rather be able to fly but only be able to stop by running into things, or be able to turn invisible but not not be able to control how long it lasted?
Oh, fly all the way. If I couldn't control how long my invisibility lasted, it could get a little awkward, couldn't it? Besides, you didn't say HOW FAST I had to be flying when I run into something to stop. And you didn't say what I had to run into. So, yes, definitely flying. 
  • What is your position on the Theseus' Ship paradox?
Okay, so, here is a link to some more information about the background of this paradox. My take on it is that the ship which has had all the parts replaced is a sort of extremely accurate, exact replica, kind of like making a copy of a paper, but it ends up looking exactly the same. It's not the exact ship that it once was, seeing that everything has been replaced, but it still appears the same and seems the same. 
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being acceptable and 10 being totally wack, how would you rate pasta with marinara sauce?
It's totally wack, dude.

The Holmberg's Questions: 
  • What is/was your favorite LEGO theme?
Definitely Lego Lord of the Rings! The sets were cool and the best part was the minifigures (of course, the minifigs are the best part of every Lego theme).
  • Where have you gotten the most inspiration for writing?
I think most of my inspiration for writing has come from reading other people's stories and watching movies. After having so many different stories and characters run through my brain, there's usually a little bit of residue left in my brain, which, hopefully, isn't too cliched when I write it down. And, of course, everywhere I go, I see things that get filed away in my mind, waiting for a time to be used in some story or other. 
  • What is your favorite soccer team?
Oh dear. Well, this depends on the season, on who's playing who, on which players are on which teams, and...well, lots of things. If we're talking National teams, I'd have to say USA because that's my country, but, since they're not in the World Cup, things are tricky this year. If we're talking MLS or Bundesliga, or whatever other non-national leagues, I really don't have any particular favorites, it all depends on context. I think that overall, the men's national USA team is my favorite, partly because it was watching their team that I was mainly introduced and learned the most about "real" soccer. 
(of course I had to put in some reference to Messi...)
  • Which is the best BBC mini-series you've seen?


Well, I guess it will either be Emma (2009) or Pride and Prejudice (1995). Those are two exceedingly wonderful films, but I simply can't decide between them. I love P&P, because it was the first BBC film that I ever saw, and it's nostalgic and wonderful and all, but I also love Emma. So, one of those two. Nobody can ask me to decide between them, because if they do I might explode. 
  • Was Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp the best Willy Wonka?
I think I would have to say Gene Wilder. Johnny Depp has his moments of being very funny, and I do think his Wonka was pretty good. Also, the Johnny Depp version stayed closer to the book's plot, which I liked, but there is simply no beating Gene Wilder's portrayal of the character of Willy Wonka. 
  • What flavor of ice cream would Colderan like best? Chocolate, vanilla or cookie dough? What flavor would Lehye'ahl like best?
Ah-ha, so I know this is my little sister Lydia asking, because she's the only person who would know about these two characters! Wow, I had never contemplated this. This is important! If you don't even know your characters' favorite ice cream flavors, well, then what kind of an author are you???  I should have a quicker answer.

Hmm...out of those three flavors, I think Colderan would like cookie dough best. Cookie dough is a very cozy, happy flavor, and I think that's the kind of flavor that he would like best. 
Now, Lehye'ahl. That's a little trickier. I think he would like vanilla best, but it would have to be very fancy, because he's persnickety about things like that. It couldn't just be "grab a carton of ice cream and slop some in whatever bowl you find first." It would have to be a Very Good Brand, scooped at just the right temperature, in the perfect container, with amazing presentation. But the vanilla-ness sort of suits him.

Well NOW I'm hungry for ice cream. *pouts* 

But...it looks like that's all the questions! Wow, that took WAY longer than I expected! But what fun! That was a delightful thing to do, maybe I will make an anniversary ask-me-anything an annual thing! 

Thank you all Very Much for all your lovely questions, which were a great deal of fun to answer! :) Guess that's it for now! 

Friday, June 8, 2018

One Year of Blogging+Ask Me Anything Questions

Hello all! 

Can you guess what's happening this month? (Now, Anna, don't be stupid, they have presumably read the title of this post....) That's right! It's my blog's first birthday/anniversary this month! I've come a long way since the beginning, learning how to use Blogger (*eye roll*), tackling the first year of college, coping with life. I'm so glad that I kept blogging throughout all of it. I've had so much fun, learned so much.

Since this is a rather exciting sort of thing to happen, for celebration, I am going to be doing an "ask me anything" post! I plan to answer the questions in about two weeks, close to the end of June, so that whoever wants to comment and ask me anything has time to do so. So please comment, ask me whatever you would like to know!!

And I'm serious, don't be shy to ask me things! I love to talk via typing! Comment away! (Of course I do reserve the right to not answer/delete anything that I find rude, inappropriate, or otherwise unfit for this occasion...but I doubt that will be necessary.) I usually reply to all comments as soon as I can, but for this post I may not answer any comments until the Ask Me Anything answers are posted! But please don't think I'm being rude if I don't respond immediately--I will answer you, whether in this post or the follow-up!

Holmes and Watson are having giant servings of tea to celebrate with me!
Most importantly, though, I want to thank all y'all for following my blog and enduring my strange sense of humor and rambling thoughts! You are a great bunch, and this blog wouldn't be able to exist without you. Whether you just discovered this corner of the internet (hello by the way!) or you've been with me since the beginning, I appreciate each and every one of you, and I am always super happy to hear from you, to hear your ideas and thoughts. Some of your comments have been incredibly encouraging, and even though I may not have met you in person, I'm so glad that our paths have crossed on this world wide web. Thanks, friends! :D

Now, that's all for today. Don't forget to comment, ask me whatever you'd like (within reason, of course) in the comments, and thanks for all your amazing support!