Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Animation Tag

Howdy, y'all! I have been tagged by Ruth at Amongst Spring Blossoms, thanks Ruth! I am super excited for this one, it looks very fun. So with no delay, here we go!

1. Who's you favourite animated heroine?

Ooh, that's a hard one. I'm going to have to say Rapunzel though I always used to like Wendy from Peter Pan.

2. Who's your favourite animated hero?

Does this answer the question?  (If we're talking Disney, of course! If not, then, well, it would be too hard to choose.) :P

3. If there was to be a sequel(or even a third, fourth, or fifth part)(and then I don't mean like Frozen Fever and Tangled Ever After, those short movies, but a real one) of an animated movie, where would you like it to be about?

Oh dear. Oh dearie dearie dear. Do I have to make a choice???? Ummmm, well I would almost think a sequel to Brave would be good...IF and ONLY IF they could make it right.
Related image
I know this has nothing to do with anything, but I couldn't resist. 
4. Which couple from an animated movie do you think is highly underrated? 

Image result for disney pixar up carl and ellie
Carl and Ellie. *cries* 

5. Which couple do you like most?

Same as #4! :) They are just so sweet and very quiet about it too. I really like UP. 

6. Which song is your favourite?

This song can very well make me cry. 

7. And if you should choose a song that isn't likely to be chosen by you, one that didn't immediately come up in your mind but is still a favourite, which one would it be?

I love all the Pixar songs. The ones from Toy Story, the one from Monsters Inc...I just like those. But I think I do like the "I've Got a Dream" sketch from Tangled.

8. What animation movie did you first think you wouldn't like, but eventually you did?
Related image
I didn't think I would like WALL-E. In fact, I hated it the first time I watched because there was no dialogue and I was like 7 years old. I wanted WORDS! But now I love it, WALL-E is adorable! 

9. Which two do you always consider as a couple, even though they are not a definite couple, but almost no one else does? 

Totally serious: I cannot think of anyone. No idea.

10. Which girl from an animated movie has the best hairstyle(s)?
Related image
This one looks the most like me....only my hair is brown, not red.
Related image
I like Elsa's hairstyles best though...
11. Which is the best dress?

Related image
Related image
I realize that these are the same as my hairstyle answers...but oh well! Elsa's coronation dress looks like something I would wear. And Merida's dress...'cause Scottish! :)

12. Which sidekick is the best according to you?

Related image

Definitely Baymax. Though Pascal is pretty great too! 

13. What's your favourite Disney princess movie?
Image result for disney tangled

14. What's your favourite animated movie(no Disney princess movies included)? 

Related image
Big Hero 6
Well, if we're talking Disney still, this one! If all companies are included, then probably How to Train Your Dragon.

15. What is your Disney personality?
First I tried the one from Ruth's link, and I got 40% Pocahontas and 60% Merida, From THIS SITE: I did a regular plain old all of Disney quiz and a princess specific quiz: Here's what I got. 


People admire you for your strong convictions, compassion towards others, and your ability to stay true to yourself in tough situations. Your Disney Princess DNA includes Pocahontas’s morality, Cinderella’s genuine kindness, Aurora’s sensitivity, and Mulan’s tenacity. With that combination, it’s no wonder you have so many friends from a wide variety of backgrounds. (Ha ha. Whoever wrote these was a genius.) 


There is truly no one quite like you. Your unique view of the world makes you a magnet for fun, and adventure. Listen to your heart and it will point you in the right direction.
(Um yeah. Sure I am!) 

16. Which animated girl do you think looks most like you(in looks, not in character)?

Probably Belle. I have long brown, rather curly hair and brown eyes, and I'm white. What else is there to say? :P

17.  Which statement do you think is true and which not(you know, those things on Pinterest that say...for example: That Elsa and Anna are Rapunzel's cousins, and that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa's brother or that the oldest girl from Despicable Me is maybe Riley's mom from Inside Out)?

I really don't believe any of them: unless Disney specifically states something I usually disagree, but if any WERE true I think Elsa and Anna would be Rapunzel's cousins. Rapunzel was at the coronation, after all! 

18. What animated movie did you expect much of, but turned out to be much worse than you originally thought? 

Hmm. Probably Finding Dory. I thought at the very least it would keep my interest, but I just found it to be very boring. 

Also The Black Cauldron. I was very disappointed in that one, after having been a fan of the book for so long. And, Ruth, I totally agree about Ice Age: Collision Course! That was horrid!

Anyway, that's all, folks! I would tag people, but...I'm too lazy to bother....:P So if you want to do this tag, and you haven't been tagged yet, then, as Mr. Darcy says, "Go to it!"  
Thanks again, Ruth! :) 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Beauty and the Beast 2017

I was sorely disappointed.

We were anticipating this movie for almost a year before it actually came out, getting super excited, planning and plotting to go see it with friends and family, and then the big shocker came out a couple months before the movie. My family did not go see this in the theater; we didn't want to support that in any way, and we didn't want to buy or rent it. But this past week, we were able to borrow it from someone else and watched it quietly at home. As I said, it was very disappointing.

First off, the whole Lefou dealybopperthingy. To be very honest, it was barely even there and wasn't super terrible. If I hadn't known about it beforehand I might not have noticed, but it was still there. Lefou is definitely a fruitcake, hinting at his--erm, shall we say, issues?--several times throughout the film, and he just seems like a greasy, slimy guy. I found myself wondering, "Is he serious? Is he just really stupid and doesn't understand what he's saying? Does he mean anything more by that simple thing he just said?" He was, granted, rather funny at times (during the "Nobody [fill in the blank]s like Gaston" sequence), but, knowing the context that Disney put on his character, the humor was rather ruined for me. I mean, nothing happens with it, really. There's a bit of hinting as to Lefou's preferences and really only a couple really sketchy scenes. First, near the end, there is a man in Gaston's gangsters who gets attacked by the magical closet and dressed up girlishly, which is apparently how the closet attacks people. He just grins kind of dopily and then we shrug, assuming he's gone. BUT: later, at the last song and dance routine, Lefou and the same gangster (who is now dressed as a man again) bump into each other and evidently start dancing or at least we assume they do; it was an accident that they ran into each other, know, it's kind of sketchy. Granted, the whole thing wasn't as sketchy as I expected it would be when I first heard about it.

Anyhoo, that's that, and other than that it was, as far as I remember, good content-wise. Soooo....on to the fun stuff. I think overall I would only give this 2 stars.

Okay, first reason is the one up above, the next is this: I wasn't expecting this to be a musical. It's a good two hours long, and a good hour of that two hours is composed of Disney song and dance routine. I feel like this movie was just a live-action version of the old cartoon, which, I mean, isn't a bad movie, but it took any interest out of it. All the songs were the same as the cartoon, and it was just so over-the-top. If the old cartoon had never been made, okay, yeah, that would be fine. But it was made. I was comparing it to the live-action vs. cartoon Cinderella, which was changed back to the original fairy tale. That's what I was wanting with B&tB. Go back to the old fairy tales, before you made the cartoon, don't just redo something you've already done.

So reason two: all the vocals were blatantly "fixed-up" digital-wise and it was obvious that the voices coming out of the actors were not recorded separately from the video, in a special sound studio. And at least, if you're going to redo a movie as a musical, do some new songs, people! There were maybe two new songs written for this movie, and those were mainly not very good. Like "Evermore" or whatever the Beast sings, sure, he can sing, but I think that the song really didn't fit the mood it was trying to set. It wasn't even in a minor key!!!!! (Ahem, enough about that.) Anyway, I felt that every movie reused from the cartoon was just kind of dull, not a lot happening, and not a lot of contribution to the plot. If you want an almost verbatim copy of the old animated film, at least song-wise, then you've got it. I didn't feel that the songs told the story as well as dialogue and actual, um, what we'd call "acting" would.

Then there are the characters to talk about. (Have I made anyone angry yet?) I have watched the first three Harry Potter movies, and liked Emma Watson as Hermione in the first two, but not the third. I have this odd feeling about her (besides the fact she's a blatant feminist) that she is simply riding off the fame of being Hermione from her childhood, and not really working too hard for her role. I didn't feel that her performance was that wonderful and almost felt like she is too petite and British to play Belle. Not that I could do any better; she was okay, but there wasn't any great depth to her character. Belle loves her father, which was nice to see, and was a sweet, good girl, but I really wasn't super impressed, no offense to anyone.

Really, the only initially likable character is Maurice, Belle's father. He is just such a kind, gentle man, who cares very much for his daughter and would go to any end to help her. The one cute, little sweet thing I liked in the movie was that he's always tinkering with things, and when he goes to ask Belle for a tool, she already has it in her hand, knowing what he wants. That was nice. It was pleasant to have a good father character for once in a Disney film.
Definitely not as eccentric as in the animated one, but probably for the best.
Now, we go. You probably know I'm a Tolkien fan. In light of this, I enjoy watching The Hobbit. In light of that, I like Bard's character, and it was very interesting to see Luke Evans/Bard portraying a very different sort of man.
I literally keep starting to call him Bard instead of Gaston and have to quickly correct myself!

So actually I ended up enjoying his performance as Gaston, the village's flirt and obnoxious rogue, better than the performance of the beast. Simply because Luke Evans portrayed the character quite well and it was interesting to see him in a different role than Bard the Bowman.  He was very full of himself, very un-likable (but still hilarious), rather stupid, and simply a brutish bad guy, and I wish I could say that I imagine Mr. Evans to be more like Bard than Gaston, but I digress. Anyway, his character in this movie is pretty straightforward. He is pigheaded, determined to marry Belle whether she wants to or not, and is very angry at Maurice for telling him NO. Finally, a responsible parental decision in a movie! (As a sidenote, my brother and I determined that Luke Evans would be a pretty good Captain Hook if movies of the "Starcatchers" books are ever made. hint hint.)

Now, the beast was kinda boring. Sorry to be blunt and cruel, but there it is. He was just the typical kind of guy that Belle starts feeling sorry for and then falls in love with, blah blah blah. And then after transforming back into a human, he was rather uninteresting. I mean, he was a nice person once he started being nice, but, once again, he was exactly like the cartoon. Only he might have a slightly better sense of humor.  When Belle asks, after his transformation, "How would you feel about growing a beard?" he growls like "ain't nobody got time for that" in his "Beast" voice, evidently retaining the ability to sound like a bear. How does that work? *shrugs* He was about on par with Kit in Cinderella, only he didn't sing as a human! In the cartoon and the live action movie, I always wish he would sing! Oh well. 

Okay, so that's most of the characters that need to be covered, other than the furniture. Needless to say, I like Ian McKellan a lot better as Gandalf (who doesn't?) than Cogsworth and Ewan McGregor A WHOLE LOT better when he's not faking a French accent, but that's not important. Most everyone else is very similar to the cartoon as well. The whole plot and everything, for the most part, is the same, at least to the best of my memory. 

Overall, I sadly came away from the movie feeling kind of bored and annoyed by the whole thing. It just felt...unoriginal and bland, not differing much from the original cartoon. It shouldn't have been a musical, because having all the exact same songs as the cartoon made it feel like recycled material or hand-me-down jeans. Worn out. There was about ten minutes' worth of funny/good scenes, and the other 110 minutes was a great Disney-fest that was exactly like the cartoon. You aren't missing anything by not watching it, if you aren't watching it because of certain reasons. However, content-wise, it's pretty clean other than the aforementioned Lefou incidents.  

My final verdict? If you want to see the cartoon acted out in real life, then watch it. It wasn't good. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but I think Disney could have done far better. Far better. 

p.s. This is an updated review that I have returned to after letting my anger simmer down. It's also posted under movie reviews.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Questions and Queries...

So...this is my post for the month of October; about what's going on and what's on my mind. Caution: there will be a great deal of rambling and nonsense in this post! 
I just loved this path in the forest up north
And, as you could possibly guess from the title, I have a question. And a query. First, the question:

Should I change my blog's title?

I've been thinking about this one for a while. You see, the thing is, the title is "The Blog of Iorlh," but there are several good reasons pointing to why I possibly should change it. Here they are: 
  1. the word "Iorlh" is very hard to figure out how to pronounce unless you have a pronunciation guide.
  2. this blog is not all about the world of Iorlh. It's about a bunch of random stuff. (Like this post.) 
  3. it would be easier to explain to other people if the title was different and easier for other people to remember the name. 
So those are a few reasons. What do you think? The problem is, coming up with a new name is very difficult. I had thought it should at least have a bit of an allusion to my books, but I'm still trying to figure out the best way to put it into words in a 'catchy' sort of way, if you see what I mean. Something good. It would have to be something good. Like "Bookends and Bwopper-eels" or at least something alliterative that concerns Bwopper-eels. I even made a picture for you guys!
Copyright 2017 by ME.
As you can see, I have absolutely no artistic talent! :P Anyway, do you  have any thoughts about blog names? Here are the only ideas I've had so far: 
  1. "Bookends and Bwopper-eels." 
  2. "Bruceking and Bwopper-eels." 
  3. "Rhondin-esque Ramblings" (Rhondin is like the BEST character in my books...I can't draw him though.
Annnnnd.....I thought there was one more but I forgot it...oh well. :) 

What's your opinion? Do you have any ideas or opinions? (Please don't worry about offending me. I don't mind if you say, "Yeah, I literally can't pronounce your current name.") 

Anyhoo, that's my question. And as for the query, well, the query is, "What is my query?" Also "How on earth am I going to survive this semester of school?" It's been ca-razy busy. I have, I think, 9-ish classes (though about 4 are music ensembles) and 18 credit hours this semester. And it's only the very first semester of college! I get pretty stinking frustrated sometimes with some of my work. Turns out being a music major is a lot busier and crazier than I expected it to be. I literally get up at 5 a.m. three days a week and stay up till at least ten every night because there are just things that must be done! 

"That can't be healthy, can it?" 
(All that aside, I've survived so far and hopefully will survive for the next four years!) 

Now. On to a slightly lighter topic. Several months ago I took an online "Which Lord of the Rings character are you?" quiz just for fun (which character from the fellowship, that is) and just today I took it again to see if my result was consistent. I figured that way it would be fair because I didn't remember the responses that I put down a few months ago. And...I guess I told the truth, because it was the same result both times:

Why did it have to be Frodo?
Yeah, apparently I'm the most like Frodo. I find this weird, because...well...I don't feel that I have much in common with him. *shrugs* Oh well. Apparently this is who I am: "You're a bit of a wimp...but if you must do something, you will overcome fears to do it. Even so, you are a caring person who likes to have friends. You don't look or think like you were born for greatness...but you never know!" 
Interesting bit of 'what I've been up to' trivia. I do agree, I'm a wimp when it comes to certain things. (Like elevators. I've had a terrible phobia of them ever since I used to have elevator nightmares when I was little.) 

Well, Happy October! Enjoy the fall-ish weather, watch the leaves change colors, and drink apple cider with doughnuts! (At least if you live in somewhere where things work like that.) :) 

I found this four-leafed clover a couple summers ago and just found the pictures I took! 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Bilbo and Frodo!

This is just a short post to commemorate the birthday of two fantastic Hobbits! In honor of Tolkien week and the Tolkien Blog Party hosted by Hamlette at The Edge of the Precipice (you can read all the other Tolkien week brou-ha-ha and excitement by going there) we shall give Many Happy Returns of the Day to two of our favorite halflings! (Well, except for Pippin and Merry and Sam. They're our favorites too.)

The first: A ringbearer in his time who aided the dwarves on their quest to the Lonely Mountain, reclaiming their homeland and helping in the defeat of the dragon Smaug: Bilbo Baggins!

 And his cousin/nephew (but Bilbo is referred to as "Uncle" so we'll go with that), also a ringbearer on the quest to destroy the One Ring forever! Happy Birthday Frodo Baggins!

Notice how they're both SMILING in those pictures? That makes me happy. They're finally smiling for once! :D 

This is also to wish a happy birthday to two of my dear cousins. Let me explain:  There are ten children in my cousins' family (I'm not going to use names, sorry) and of those ten, two boys were born on Christmas day about eight years apart and two were born on September 22, the birthday of our two Hobbits, eighteen years apart. YOU GUYS! I'M A COUSIN OF BILBO AND FRODO! WHICH IS JUST ONE MORE REASON TO WISH THEM (all four of them) A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Blow the party horns! Pull the party poppers! Dance! Sing! CELEBRATE! HOORAY!


That's my last shebang for Tolkien week. So I will say "One last goodbye" (:P) and leave you with this cheery bit of video to end your week. Just...please don't dance like Frodo? Please? Thank you! 

Note: Ok yes I know I posted this the day before the birthday! I wanted to get it out so I wouldn't forget. To avoid confusion, their birthday is September 22. I posted this the evening of September 21, for time reasons. :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2017 Tolkien Blog Party Tag

Okay. I know, I know, I said I wouldn't be posting much now that college is in full swing. But--but--a TOLKIEN BLOG PARTY? One does not simply not participate in a Tolkien blog party! ;) First off, thanks to Hamlette at The Edge of the Precipice for hosting the party! (Actually, I've never done this before, but hey! there's got to be a first time for everything right?) 

And without further ado, the questions of...LOTR-ness! 

Think, think, think! How shall I answer these?

1. How long have you been a Tolkien fan?
That's tricky. The thing is, I can't remember a time when I didn't know that somebody named Bilbo Baggins existed. I think I always knew about Hobbits (thanks to my dad who read the book to us at a very early age), but I don't think I really know what happened to them. I guess I have been a life-long fan. I grew up with them and The Return of the King came out on I believe my 4th birthday! Also, The Battle of Five Armies came out on my 15th birthday, which is an interesting bit of trivia!  

2. Has your love of Middle-earth affected your life?
Absolutely! I CANNOT have a real conversation without alluding at least once to the Middle-earth sagas and can't see the real world without making parallels to the slightly less real one! 

3. If you had to take the One Ring to Mordor, which character would you choose for your sole companion?
I'm sorely tempted to just say "Sam" because well, that's what Frodo did and it worked out pretty well for him, right? But I think logically I would have to say Gandalf. He always seems to know what to do and could whack me if I started doing something wrong. But he isn't mean and I know I could always trust him. 

4. Which is scarier, Shelob or the Balrog?
Shelob, because BLECH spiders! 

5. Which two towers do you think Tolkien was referring to in the title The Two Towers?  (i.e. Orthanc, Barad-dûr, Cirith Ungol, Minas Morgul, or Minas Tirith)
Orthanc and Minas Morgul were what Tolkien was referring to, but I think Peter Jackson was alluding more to Orthanc and Barad-dûr

6. Whose wardrobe would you like to have? I think I'm going to say something rather unorthodox. I SHOULD say Arwen or Eowyn, but I'm not. Can I have Pippin's scarf? 
And then for the rest maybe Bilbo's wardrobe. I am exceedingly jealous of his cozy bathrobe in the first movie and overall he seems to have very comfortable, practical taste. (And the acorn buttons. They're the best!)

7. What do you think an Ent Draught would taste like?
Homemade root beer (or maybe ginger ale, whichever one works). Like the really good kind that you get from small companies up north and nobody knows about!

8. Where in Middle-earth would you like to live?
Right here. :D 

9. Do you have any Tolkien-related opinions that surprise other people?
I don't like to correct people's pronunciation, but I am very strong-minded that "Tolkien" is pronounced "toll-KEEN" not "toll-KIN." The Letters of JRR Tolkien: Letter #347
I am nearly always written to as Tolkein (not by you): I do not know why, since it is pronounced by me always -keen.
Also, people hate on Elijah Wood's Frodo. I don't, really. I think he was very young to play Frodo (he was what, 18?) but considering that I think his portrayal was very good. Very good. The first time I watched the movies I was like, "Nope, he stinks!" but each time I re-realize how well Wood played Frodo. I mean, Frodo WAS supposed to be 40 years old, but...still. (I could ramble on for a while, but I'll stop  now.) 

10. List up to ten of your favorite lines/quotations from the books or movies.
I have a couple up on my sidebar! But here are several more:

Again, thank you Hamlette!!!! Loved it! And I'll leave you with one little picture for your enjoyment!
Notice Thorin is in the same stance as Grumpy from Snow White is usually in! :)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

As the School Year Begins...

That title's not depressing at all, is it?
Hello all! This is a very short, very quick post just to say...that the summer is officially over. School (college, in my case) has begun and oh boy here we go! I'll be heading down to school again today (I commute, so it's about a 45 minute drive every day back and forth from school), the first of many days.

Needless to say, I'm going to be VERY busy these days. I'm taking 18 credits in this first semester alone, which is 9 classes (WHAT!!!!!) with varying amounts of credits. Two are zero credit. And so I'm not going to have as much time for this blog as I did over the summer. I will mainly be trying to keep up-to-date on Saturdays and Sundays, so if you comment and I don't respond for a while, please don't be mad at me! I WILL respond eventually, I promise! I might be a little late to see things both on my blog and other folks'. 

Well, that's it. That's all I have to say. Talk to you later, Auf Wiedersehen, Au Revoir, Vaarwel, Atsiprasau, Tchau, Mihi, Hwyl Fawr, Proschay, and Mar Sin Leat. Bonus points to anyone who can guess these languages! 

"Let us not say farewell--but as the French have it, au revoir!" 

Me going to school

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Announcing...a book review!

It's taken me long enough to get this out there! I planned on writing a review as soon as I finished, but of course it took a little while longer. Anyhoo, here it is. My review of C.S.Lewis' The Space Trilogy (comprised of Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength)! 
And here's a great Lewis quote that I found, just as food for thought.