Ah, the difficulties of writing a book...or the pleasures? This page is just to give you a heads-up about what I'm working on and at what stage in the writing process things are. I'll stop my jabbering and let you take a look.
The "Book Progress Legend"
-Published: Rather self-explanatory...:)
-Proofing: Proofing; as in the writing is done but I'm going through to check stuff
-Layout/design: Fixing the cover and interior layout; page numbers, TOC, etc.
-Editing: Re-reading and re-writing things to make sure the story is correct and it's mostly typo-less
-Back-burner: I'm waiting to work on these ones until I get other stuff done ;)
-Drafted: It's all typed out on the computer and given a bit of editing as I transfer from paper
-Manual drafting: Writing it out on paper (in countless notebooks) to get my first idea of the story down
-Brainstorming: Yep, comin' up with ideas. Figuring things out and seeing if my ideas will possibly work

The Trilogy of Iorlh book one: The Beginning of the War

Status: Completed
This is the picture my brother designed for the cover for me! :)
The first installment in the trilogy is about how Allyn Turner, an unsuspecting young girl, is brought to a world called Iorlh (pronounced ee-ORL) and finds new friends, new adventures, and strange creatures called Bwopper-eels. (They say "Bwop.") Read more at these sites:

The Trilogy of Iorlh book two: The Storm Brews

Status: Editing/Layout&design
Concept art for the cover--not final image
The second installment in the trilogy is...well, I can't give too much away, only going to say it's the same people and the same world. But I can say that it's more frustrating, especially the very end. And it takes place in winter, hence the cover art! :)

The Trilogy of Iorlh book three: The End of the Road

Status: Back-burner/drafted(actually it's been through a few drafts)

This won't be the cover art, but my brother's still working on it. It will have something to do with a certain sword

Okay, so the third book is the end, folks! The end. It is the book that wraps up all the loose ends (hint, hint) and spills all the secrets that the trilogy has to hold. About everybody. Everything is resolved. And it truly is the end of the road.

Also, here's a bit of info about a few prequels I'm trying to write. I don't like them as much, but they are helpful for history purposes; more for my own reference about the history and family trees of Iorlh than anything else. Though if anyone ever wants to read them in ten years when I'm finally done, I shall be happy to oblige.  
In the order that they were written (and of course, none of the titles are quite finalized): 

Elf-king: A History of Iorlh

Status: Drafted/back-burner
I'm not sure what they cover art is going to be, just putting this here to have something here :)
Okay, so this is about the elf-king in the trilogy, whose name is Lehye'ahl. (Pronounced: lee-HI-all, yeah, I know. It's weird.) Pretty much a history of his life and backstory, as well as his contemporaries (ooh, that sounds important!).

On Calmer Seas: A History of Iorlh

Status: Drafted (as of 8/15/17)/Back-burner
Also not final cover art...but the stormy look is kinda right
This one is chronologically the oldest of the histories. It's kind of about the settlers of Iorlh and the main character is the father of Lehye'ahl: the elf who was king before him, and who is also in "Lehye'ahl's book." His name is Colderan (KOL-der-on, or something like that), and he's such a nice guy. :D

The Last One That's Not Yet Titled

Status: Manual drafting/brainstorming
If you can't tell, I like random nature pictures. Especially with water. ;)
This one I can't spill any beans about. It doesn't have a title yet, still working on it, because I'm still drafting the Very First Draft in my notebooks and wondering how exactly I'll get to where I know it's going to end. This one is another backstory, but is chronologically the newest of the three prequels. And it's not about an elf (thank goodness) this time, but a human. I can't tell you who.

Of course, if I tried to get every story idea I have into words, I would be wayyy too busy, so I can't do that. Right now I'm considering a Jane Austen-like novel and kind of brainstorming that, as well as wishing I could come up with an un-cliched plot for a novel set in modern times. I have several characters than I am really fond of who would be great in said modern times, but I need to find a plot that actually works. So that's what's in the back of my mind. Sorry for rambling, but I tend to do that...actually if you met me in person I wouldn't ramble as much, but when I have time to write what I'm thinking...well, anyway, never mind that.

I am an official Goodreads author now, so if you are interested, here's a link to my page on that site: Goodreads Author Profile  Please, don't hesitate to ask me questions, whether on Goodreads or this blog!

Thanks for reading!


  1. OOooh, the cover for the first ones are so pretty! I can't wait to see the final product of the last two.

    1. Thank you! My brother (who designed the first) was glad to hear it too! :)